3 Unique Benefits That Softubs Provide To Match Your Lifestyle

If you’re a hot tub owner, and enjoy the rejuvenation that it brings, it can be a shame to miss out on this same relaxation whilst you are travelling. Softubs are designed to fill this need as they are portable, practical and exceptionally enjoyable. Here are 3 unique benefits that Softubs provide:

#1 Portable for travel

Wherever you are in the world, on business or pleasure, Softubs are the perfect transportable hot tub. Their lightweight structure means that you can place them in any location, whether this is on your boat, in your holiday home or on your balcony. If you spend extended periods of time abroad throughout the year and often miss the therapeutic and health benefits your home’s hot tub provides, you can simply set up your Softub wherever you are, and enjoy one of your favourite home comforts.

#2 Great for smaller spaces

Perhaps you would love to have a hot tub, but simply do not have the outside space in your town house or city apartment. Softubs provide a fantastic alternative to the traditional hot tub design as they can be used in smaller areas. They’re also perfectly designed for use on balconies. Standard Softubs come in three sizes, so there is a size to suit everyone’s needs.

#3 Practical without compromising on design

It is important that Softubs have the benefits of being lightweight and extremely durable, without compromising on design and functionality. Softubs flexibly sync with your lifestyle and are a great way to enjoy 365 days of pure relaxation, and supreme comfort – wherever you are.

The Anasa Range

Our Softubs use the best materials and technology on the market to ensure they deliver a wonderful experience to our clients. The unique structure of our Softubs mould to your body in a way that is similar to memory foam. Anasa Softubs come with adjustable massage jets, which allow you to enjoy the benefits of hydrotherapy to your exacting needs.

Our Softubs use cutting edge Whisper technology, meaning that your tub can be used at night without disturbing neighbours. Most of our designs use Leathertex, which offers a high end finish, so your soft tub is aesthetically pleasing as well as practical, functional and portable.

Softubs don’t lose out

The Anasa range of Softubs means there is no longer any need to miss out on the benefits traditional hot tubs provide.
Browse our range of Softubs today or call our team to find out which would be the best Softub for you, on 0208 309 0600.

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