4 ways to design and create your bespoke swim spa

A beautiful, bespoke swim spa is an asset to any property. From aesthetic requirements to key design specifications, it’s far simpler to get the swim spa that you want when you choose bespoke design. Swim spas are incredibly versatile and are frequently used for different purposes. From fitness training through to delivering an exceptional wellness experience, individually tailored swim spa design can produce the perfect results for your purpose.

Bespoke options for your swim spa

1. Swim Spa dimensions and design

A beautiful swim spa experience starts with the right dimensions and design. Factors that will come into play include the size and positioning of the swim spa – a bespoke design enables you to make the most of the space that you have available and create something truly breathtaking. Shape and length are also key decisions when it comes to creating your own bespoke swim spa – are you keen to use the swim spa for fitness or is its purpose just pure relaxation?

2. Accessibility to your Swim Spa

A bespoke swim spa design means you can create a model that is ideally suited for effortless access. You may prefer an in-ground design where there is no ascent to get into the water – or being up above the ground may appeal more. You’ll also be able to choose how you enter the water – ladders or built in steps are two of the most popular choices. With bespoke design you can situate the swim spa entry in the position that suits you the best and coordinate it with the surrounding space.

3. Your own hydrotherapy spa

With a generic swim spa you have no control over jet positioning, which can lessen the impact of the experience. However, creating your own bespoke swim spa provides the opportunity to design jet placement so that soothing water hits exactly the right spot. Factors such as height and size have a big role to play in how effective jets are at massage and relaxation – if your swim spa is bespoke then these are factored into the design. You can create your own individual hydrotherapy spa with a bespoke creation, one that will specifically target any problem areas with jets that can be positioned to improve circulation and blood flow – and to help you fully relax.

4. Achieving ideal aesthetics for your Swim Spa

It’s almost impossible to achieve perfect aesthetics without a bespoke design – there is always a tiny detail that doesn’t quite fit with the overall look. With a bespoke swim spa you can select your own colours and textures, as well as decorative detailing and motifs. There are many advantages to this, from ensuring that the swim spa fits in with an existing design scheme, to an opportunity to create a truly unique design that will be an instant conversation piece.

Our range of bespoke swimming pools and swim spas are only limited in style and design by the boundaries of your imagination. Our consultants welcome the opportunity to help you create a product that embodies your own individuality. Get in touch with the Anasa London product team today to discuss your requirements.

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