How to beautifully integrate your hot tub into your outside space

One of life’s greatest pleasures is being able to relax and enjoy your own hot tub, but one decision that is almost as important as choosing the hot tub itself is where you want to put it and how it will fit with the overall outside space that you have. Here are some of the ways you can beautifully integrate your hot tub into your outside space:

Create a whole outdoor room

One stunning way to incorporate your hot tub into your outdoor space is to create a separate designated area by choosing an accompanying enclosure. This can create the impression of a whole outdoor “room” meaning that it acts as an extension of your house, and gives you the chance to enjoy your hot tub in all weathers. This gives a sense of privacy and exclusivity that cannot be matched.

Show your hot tub off

Your hot tub needn’t be an eyesore within your outdoor space – why not make it a focal point? Whether you choose a modern stainless steel design or a more classic Romanesque design for a spa-like feel, our hot tub designs are elegantly finished to make them stand out as a beautiful outdoor feature.

Think practically too

Where will your hot tub be best placed for the best possible use? Perhaps you have a secluded spot in your garden that would be perfect, or maybe you would like to integrate your hot tub into an existing decking structure or patio area. If you’re more limited for space, utilising the edges of your outdoor space can be useful. Some hot tub owners prefer to have their hot tub at the end of their garden so that it provides a luxurious and quiet place to relax, whereas others prefer to have their hot tub closer to the house for ultimate ease of use.

Compliment your outside space

Whatever you decide about where to place your hot tub, and whatever your chosen design is, the most important thing is that it compliments your outdoor space for both aesthetic and practical purposes. Depending on what your vision is, you can choose a hot tub, swim spa, any enclosure or steam room to suit your requirements and make sure that your hot tub becomes the haven that you want it to be.

Anasa’s expert team will be able to advise you on both a practical and design level to meet the expectations you have for transforming your outside space with your new hot tub. Give the team a call today on 0208 309 0600 to see what recommendations they can give.

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