How can you decide which hot tub model is right for you?

Not all hot tubs are made the same – some are just… exceptional. Lifestyle choices, daily use and hot tub purpose can all have an influence over which hot tub model is the perfect choice for your home. From blissful moments with aromatherapy oils and warm bubbles, through to hydrotherapy for aching muscles, hot tubs can provide many different ways to relax and rejuvenate. So how do you decide which hot tub model is the right one for you?

Hot tubs for social and quality time

Hot tubs are super social spots, whether you’re spending time with the family or providing a stylish and relaxing location in which to bring friends together. Hot tubs destined for social use need to have style and capacity. Impressive aesthetics are incredibly appealing and the hot tub model you choose will also need to have the capacity to host your friends and family. Interactive music and light systems are good looking additional features for a social hot tub and self cleaning models that are always ready for use are ideal for spontaneous get togethers.

When you need soothing relaxation from your hot tub

Hot tubs provide a sanctuary for stress relief, relaxation and renewal. This type of hot tub is essentially a home spa experience, a blissful way to wind down and relax whenever the opportunity arises. Look for a hot tub that is easy to maintain so that a daily soak is easy to enjoy. Hot tubs for relaxation can be smaller than those designed for socialising and are ideally placed somewhere calm and private.

Look for a comfortable design that is both supportive and soothing and controls that are intuitive and easy to use even when you’re ultra relaxed and blissed out. Features such as soothing waterfalls can be ideal for hot tubs required purely for relaxation, as well as ambient lighting and a music system for playing meditative sounds. Just add your favourite aromatherapy oils, sit back, relax and let the warm water and soothing jets do their wonderful work.

The importance of hydrotherapy to recovery and rejuvenation

Hydrotherapy has been used to treat a myriad of medical complaints and body issues for centuries, from aching muscles through to problems with sleep and breathing. It can also provide effective and luxurious relief from the impact of a busy and active lifestyle.

Look for a hot tub with the design specs that allow for a truly deep soak and jet design that can provide a powerful massage experience that can be tailored to need. Customisable controls and temperature can help to contribute to a soothing and healing experience that could even include cold water therapy. There’s no greater luxury than having hydrotherapy like this at your fingertips.

We have a range of beautiful, innovative hot tubs that can be designed to bespoke specifications, from relaxing home spas to hydrotherapy heaven. Contact Anasa London to find out which hot tub model will best suit your lifestyle needs, by speaking to one of our product experts on 0208 309 0600.

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