How can your Softub give you the benefits of relaxation away from home?

Softubs offer a versatile and luxurious alternative to the traditional hot tub – and can be enjoyed anywhere, from a home in the mountains, to a holiday property by the sea. The Softub delivers the same exceptional relaxation and stylish aesthetics as the traditional hot tub but also has the advantage of being portable too. If you’re looking for relaxation that can give you the benefits of relaxation away from home then it might be time to add a Softub to your itinerary.

Optimum relaxation

Every good hot tub provides the blissful experience of warm water and expertly crafted jets that deliver warm bubbles to soothe and relax. However, Softubs also have the advantage of being quieter thanks to the Whisper technology that they use. This makes the overall experience low key and hushed, and ensures that you can enjoy optimum relaxation wherever you are.

The perfect partnership of comfort and design

Softubs feature a firm foam interior, which ensures that the tub holds its shape while also providing the ideal degree of flexibility. There is no rigidity to Softubs, which have been designed to allow you to get comfortable in any position that suits. Softubs lend themselves to a gentle recline, thanks to the soft, curved shape, and the design of the sides provides support in any number of different positions.

Durability meets luxury

Softubs have been designed to be durable but without any compromise on experience or aesthetics. The materials used in Softub construction are robust to ensure that the Softub lasts longer and looks good whatever the environment it is placed in or the weather that it has been exposed to. Softubs are the ultimate combination of durability and luxury, both in terms of design and experience.

Unique portability

Softubs have been specifically designed for versatility and portability – and this has been factored into everything, from the weight of the tub to the overall design. Thanks to the lightweight structure there is no restriction in terms of where Softubs can be installed, whether that’s in a summer garden in Provence, a balcony in Sicily or on decking in London. Softubs are uniquely portable and installation is very simple. This gives them a distinct advantage over the more traditional hot tub which, once installed, remains in place throughout its lifespan and has very specific needs in terms of location and ground surface.

Greener luxury

Softub design combines pump, heater and motor into a single compact unit, allowing filtered water to be swiftly heated. As a result this type of hot tub has greener credentials, with energy consumption reduced, as well as running costs.

Gorgeous aesthetics

Softubs have been designed to look ultra stylish, whether you install one on its own or with the range of accessories and décor options that are available. If aesthetics are high on your list when it comes to the pampering equipment that you buy then Softubs could be the perfect choice.

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