Clear your skin with regular sauna use from the comfort of your own home

Beautiful skin is something that many of us crave but is hard to achieve in a world full of stress, pollution and sleep deprivation. Truly gorgeous aesthetics come from skin that is genuinely healthy, well hydrated, cleansed and refreshed. While there are many high end skin treatments that will claim to renew and revitalise the skin, regularly spending time in your saunas could be even simpler and more effective.

How does a sauna work to help clear your skin?

Cleansing your pores

Sweating is very beneficial for many parts of your body and perhaps none more so than your skin. Spending time in a sauna enables your body to deep cleanse, flushing out impurities and bacteria as you sweat, leaving your skin cleansed and fresh. Regularly indulging in sauna time means that your skin gets the deep cleansing benefit of regular sweating, and impurities and bacteria don’t have the opportunity to cause issues. This may help to resolve irritation, clear up spots and help to reduce blackheads over time.

Saunas can improve skin quality

Collagen has a key role to play in skin quality and plenty of it is crucial to keeping skin looking young and fresh. However, collagen tends to decrease over time and, as a result, skin can begin to lose its elasticity and may become prone to breakouts and blocked pores. The heat generated in the body by a sauna is a key trigger for collagen production and can contribute to helping to keep skin looking younger, brighter and glowing. It helps to improve the quality and growth of healthy skin cells so that skin looks fresh and youthful for as long as possible.

Detoxifying and boosting benefits

The state of our skin tends to reflect what’s going on beneath the surface. Sluggish, grey skin that has little light in it could be the result of bad circulation, particularly during the winter months. Regular sauna sessions are the ideal way to combat this because the heat from the sauna helps to improve circulation. As the body temperature increases in the sauna, so too does blood circulation, enabling it to reach every part of the body and provide a welcome boost. The combination of detoxifying sweating and the increase in circulation helps to rid the body of unwelcome impurities and to clear skin, as well as giving it a more youthful glow.

The importance of regular sauna use

Any time spent in a sauna will enable you to see a difference in the quality of your skin and its clarity and cleanliness. However, it’s only with regular use that you will enjoy the most impressive results. That’s why a sauna at home is such a useful beauty tool – you don’t need to spend long in the sauna to see results, whether you jump in just before bed, after exercise or first thing in the morning. You can even make a sauna session part of a regular beauty routine so that your skin is clear, detoxified and fresh every day.

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