Should you consider a cedar pavilion to enhance your hot tub experience?

Installing an enclosure around your hot tub is the perfect way to ensure the prolonged life of your hot tub and creates a truly unique experience. So, is a bespoke cedar pavilion worth the investment? Here are some of the top reasons that we believe you should consider one of these unique enclosures.

The Hot Tub Experience

Serving as the perfect location to relax after a long day, or celebrate with drinks, a hot tub provides an experience quite unlike anything else. You can unwind in the comforting warm water of a hot tub, protected from the stresses of the outside world by your bespoke cedar pavilion.

Constructing a cedar pavilion provides a truly unmatchable sense of joy and bliss, multiplying your relaxation by creating a private space, shielded from the elements and the stresses of life.


Hand crafted from the finest quality western red cedar, our cedar pavilions are carefully designed to perfection by highly skilled and experienced carpenters. This ensures that each building is designed to your bespoke requirements and preferences, creating the ultimate escape.

With any enclosure, there are a range of design choices to be made, from size and style, down to the intricate details. Anasa choose to involve you in the design process to ensure that you are not only receiving exceptional quality, but also that your cedar pavilion can serve as an artistic expression of your style.

Hot Tub Care

If you are going to place your hot tub outside, as many individuals do, a beautiful cedar pavilion will protect your hot tub from wind, rain, snow and direct sunlight, which serves to prolong the life of your tub and reduce maintenance. This is a great way to ensure that you will be able to make use of your hot tub for years to come, without the stress of weatherproofing.

Combined with a Hydropool Self Cleaning Hot Tub, an experience truly unlike any other is created, offering ultimate relaxation with minimal effort. Not only this, but it’s also just an incredibly beautiful addition to any garden, spa, or home environment.

To discover how you can implement a cedar pavilion into your hot tub environment, visit our website here or get in touch with one of our fantastic team by calling 0208 309 0600.

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