Considerations when selecting your hot tub enclosure

Once you have your hot tub, or an idea which hot tub you will be getting, it’s exciting to start picturing how you can personalise the space around it to give your optimum enjoyment and a great aesthetic at the same time. Along with your ideal hot tub, there are many other elements to consider to perfect your hot tub experience, and this includes things like any accessories you want or the ideal enclosure.

What do enclosures offer?

Enclosures may not be something you have considered, but they can really add to and complete any outdoor space with a hot tub. With the unpredictable weather that the UK has, it can mean that you are able to use your hot tub come rain or shine, and enclosures act as a great cover for your tub. They can also create an area of privacy, which is ideal when your garden is overlooked, or if you want to make your hot tub into almost a separate area within your outdoor space. So what considerations must you make when selecting your hot tub enclosure?

What size enclosure do you need?

The first thing to consider is the size of the enclosure you will need. Initially, it must fit around and above your hot tub so the dimensions must be larger than this, but it depends on what you will be using it for. It you are using a gazebo style enclosure, you might want it to cover a greater decking area with seating, and this can have a strong bearing on the size of the enclosure that you choose.

Are you going for a particular look?

It might be that you are aiming to create a particular look, or even to almost camouflage your hot tub to fit with your garden as it stands, so the design of the enclosure you choose will be important. A simple roof enclosure may be sufficient to provide shade or shelter for your hot tub, or you may want a grander cedar pavilion or bespoke enclosure if you are looking for something specific to meet your requirements.

Materials to choose from

As part of your overall design, you will also need to choose which materials you want. Things to consider about materials include not only the appearance, but also the strength and durability of the materials. It might be that low maintenance metal roof enclosures are ideal for what you are looking for, or you might prefer the more natural element of using wood within the rest of your outdoor space.

Professional advice for hot tub enclosures

Anasa will be able to offer you advice depending on which you choose, for how to best maintain the high quality of your hot tub enclosure. To speak to one of advisors, give Anasa a call today on 0208 309 0600.

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