Designing your bespoke steam room – what options are there to choose from?

A home steam room offers many benefits, from wellness through to relaxation and beauty. Whether you opt for a steam room as part of a wellness suite or a single, luxurious addition to your home, a bespoke design is an opportunity to create something truly unique. From dimensions through to aesthetics, taking control of your steam room space with a custom design will give you the opportunity to enjoy an individually tailored experience.

Bespoke steam room options

There are a number of different features to consider when you’re looking at a bespoke steam room for your property. These include:

Tiling and surfaces

Steam rooms are essentially wet rooms and need to be designed to practical, as well as sleek and stylish. Tiling is an obvious choice for a steam room, as it will provide durable and smart surfaces that are water resistant and easy to keep clean.

Watertight design

It’s essential that your bespoke steam room has a watertight design so that it works efficiently and doesn’t affect other parts of the property. This will be a factor to bear in mind with respect to choosing the location of the steam room, as well as how best to design it and separate it from other areas.

The size of your steam room

One of the advantages of creating a bespoke steam room is that it can be crafted to fit any dimensions. If you’re looking for a family sized steam room then you’ll just need to ensure you have the space to allow for this. You can also opt for a smaller, more intimate design that can be accommodated to fit around other wellness amenities in the property, whether that’s a home sauna or a swim spa.

Aesthetics and finish

A beautifully designed bespoke steam room will bring you pleasure every time you step into it, not just thanks to the effect it has on your body but also the appreciation of the aesthetics and finish. Whether you opt for something traditional and simple, or luxurious and modern, when your steam room is custom built the look and feel of it are in your hands.

Creating atmosphere

Relaxation is a major motivation for installing a bespoke steam room in your home and it’s here that the details have a big role to play. For example, you may want to consider mood lighting for your steam room to create a blissed out atmosphere. There are many other different features to consider too, including the right type of steam generator and functions such as automatic essence dosing.

Comfort and relaxation

If you’re going to opt for a custom steam room design then you have the freedom to create exactly the space you’re looking for. Seating, benches and reclining spaces can all be tailored to your own needs and those of friends or family you’re planning to share the space with.

A bespoke steam room is a great addition to any property – our specialists can help you to find the perfect balance of function and aesthetics. Contact the Anasa team today by calling 0208 309 0600.

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