What distinguishes Softubs and why should you consider one?

Softubs are a modern and stylish alternative to the traditional hot tub. They offer not only a unique design, but a number of other factors that make them the prime choice for many hot tub customers. Here are just a few:

Enhanced relaxation

Just like other hot tubs, Softubs can provide a relaxing environment for users to sit and enjoy. However, with Softubs, this relaxation is enhanced due to the fact that they are quieter than most hot tubs, due both to size and design using Whisper technology. At the same time, the flexibility of the outside of the Softub allows you to get comfortable in any position that you wish to, and lends itself to a gentle recline due to the rounded shape.

A portable design

Perhaps the most obvious difference that Softubs have is that their design is much more portable than a more standard hot tub design. This makes installation very easy, and the lightweight design means that there are not any limits as to where it can be installed – for example it can go on decking, inside, outside, even on a balcony.

Comfort and durability combined

The Softub brings together the perfect pairing of comfort and durability. The materials that it is made from include a firm foam interior for the best possible comfort during use, whilst the flexible sides offer support in a number of positions. The outer materials are robust to endure nearly all weathers without wear or fade, so users can maintain and enjoy their Softub for longer.

Energy efficiency

Softubs are also innovating technology and design when it comes to energy efficiency. Their pump, heater and motor are all combined into one single unit which allows the filtered water to be heated quickly and easily. This stops unnecessary energy consumption and cuts the costs of running your Softub.

They look great!

Putting aside all practical benefits that the Softub offers over traditional hot tubs, the design of the Softub is extremely stylish. The outer leather look provides great quality that can be perfectly paired with the many optional accessories available. These include decking, surrounds, and covers, all of which enhance use and increase the enjoyment that the Softub brings.

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