Have you ever thought about having your own steam shower installed?

A steam shower might seem like an indulgence at home – and it is definitely an enjoyable luxury. However, it is also something that can enhance wellness and make you healthier. So, if you are keen to make New Year additions to your home that are all about a healthier and happier new you for 2018, a steam shower could be a great place to start.

The benefits of a steam shower

Improving circulation

Better circulation increases blood flow and helps your heart and muscles to function more effectively. Spending time in a steam shower each day naturally widens blood vessels to bring down blood pressure and deliver more oxygen to your body. Especially in the winter months, strong circulation is essential to keep you feeling healthy and active.

Sinus complaints

Winter is a prime time for colds and sinus complaints and having a steam shower at home during this time can be a real bonus in terms of helping you to feel better. The steam can reduce sinus congestion by opening up sinuses to provide relief and get your respiratory system moving again.

Better skin

Steam is a fantastic cleanser for skin and is often used in facials and recommended beauty routines. Having a steam shower at home means you have access to this highly effective skin improver whenever you want. Steam helps to clean skin and also to increase perspiration, sloughing off everything that is unwanted, such as dead skin cells, bacteria and dirt. The result of using a steam shower for just 20 minutes a week is that both skin tone and skin clarity are significantly improved.

Effective stress relief

Whether stress is causing you to lose sleep or to feel generally unable to relax, a steam shower can provide relief. A steam filled bathroom just before you go to bed can help you to wind down and get ready to relax into a good night’s sleep. The warmth from the steam has a doubly positive effect, releasing endorphins that make you feel good, as well as increasing circulation, which helps muscles to relax.

Enabling better exercise

Recovery is a key part of any exercise regime and one that few of us pay enough attention to. Speak to any athlete about their post-game/match/race recovery programme and this will often include a session in a steam room or sauna. Time in a steamy environment helps the muscles to rid themselves of the metabolic waste that can build up during a heavy workout or training session. Particularly if you’re able to have a hot steam shower followed by a blast of icy water then you’re activating your capillaries – and your entire system – to be more effective at getting rid of that waste that you no longer need.

There are many benefits to installing a steam shower at home, whether you’re looking for luxury, stress relief or training recovery. Our handcrafted steam showers create a home spa environment, complete with speed wall jets, LED spotlights and the opportunity for elegant steam therapy whenever the mood takes you.

Give the Anasa London team a call today on 0208 309 0600 to find out more about our tailor-made steam showers and other products.

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