What health benefits are there to having your own steam room or sauna?

Here at Anasa London, we are committed to bringing the centuries old tradition of heat therapy to homes and commercial wellness spas throughout London and the UK with our range of first class saunas and steam rooms. A bespoke sauna or steam room is the perfect way to install a slice of luxury, displaying your personal style for everyone to see. Our saunas and steam rooms are not only a luxurious expression of style, they also serve a practical purpose, offering a vast range of health benefits with regular use.

Physical Wellbeing

Whether you decide to invest in a premium lounge sauna or a bespoke steam room, the benefits that are presented to the user are very similar, opening the pores and increasing blood circulation. The embracing warmth of a sauna or steam room also aids softer skin, eradicating impurities as well as relieving tension in the body and minimising joint pain. This can provide a tranquil relief for people suffering from the effects of arthritis or other joint pains, allowing them to truly relax as the warmth promotes the body’s natural healing. Regular use of a sauna can accelerate recovery and help the user return to fitness in a faster manner.

The steam from our steam rooms also aids in opening up your airways, alleviating congestion and improving breathing. The moisture in the heat thins and opens the mucous membranes in the body, which helps to relieve the pressure for those suffering from respiratory conditions. In addition to this, regular sauna or steam room use can increase metabolism which can aid weight loss.

Psychological Benefits

The beneficial effects of sauna or steam room use stretch further than just the physical, offering a range of advantages for the user’s mental wellbeing. We all experience stress, whether it’s a tough day in the office, or a more serious matter, sometimes we all need to unwind. Saunas and steam rooms provide the perfect solution for home relaxation, offering a personal space to unwind and release the days’ stresses. The heat helps the body release endorphins, the chemical that your brain needs to make you feel happy. This helps tackle stress, encouraging a state of true serenity in the body and aiding sleep.

Studies into the psychological effects of sauna use have shown that regular use can promote positive effects on sleep, mood and hyperactivity. Sweating has also been shown to lead to improvements in mental satisfaction, energy, relaxation, frustration and anxiety. Sweat therapy is even being tested as a preventative measure and treatment for a range of mental illnesses, demonstrating the incredible benefits it can offer.

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