How could your home sauna become key to your skincare routine?

A sauna is a luxurious space in which to relax and wind down and can provide valuable downtime for your body. The environment of a sauna has also been found to be enormously beneficial when it comes to skin condition and appearance. That’s why a home sauna could be the foundation of a fantastic skincare routine.

Saunas and your skin

The sauna has always been a tool for rejuvenation and relaxation and generations have used them to renew and restore on a daily basis. When it comes to skincare, there are some very specific benefits that could quickly become essential to any daily care routine.

Saunas boost circulation

The rise in temperature the body experiences in a sauna causes an increase in circulation. This can have a wide range of benefits for your body, from injury recovery through to heart health. It’s also fantastic for the skin, as it means that more nutrients are being delivered to the skin as the circulation is improved. The end result is that, if you’re spending regular time in a sauna, the appearance of skin is improved because the increase in circulation makes it look healthier.

Saunas help to keep your pores working

If you spend time in a sauna you’ll notice that this will give your pores a good workout. Pores open up when in the hot conditions of a sauna and so spending regular time in a sauna ensures that your pores are kept working. Make sure you wash your face before stepping into the sauna to ensure that there isn’t any dirt or bacteria on the surface when your pores start to open. After your sauna session, wash your face again and finish with a splash of ice-cold water.

A sauna is the ultimate detoxifying experience

In a sauna, we sweat. Sweating is one of the best ways to rid the body of toxins, including those that affect the appearance and quality of the skin. Making time in your regular skincare routine for a sauna session will give your body the opportunity to rid itself of toxins and this mean your skin looks better too. Plus, as you sweat, those open pores can be cleansed, leading to fewer clogged pores and skin that looks better, feels better and is far less likely to break out.

Saunas aid relaxation

The effects of stress on the body are often most obvious on the skin. From dark circles under the eyes due to a lack of sleep to a drop in skin quality and breakouts of acne, there are many different ways in which stress shows itself through the skin. A home sauna can have a big role to play in bringing stress levels down, for example by aiding better sleep, and that can have a knock on impact on the skin.

Saunas are an advanced way to upgrade your skincare routine so that your body receives the utmost care and attention. We can help you find the perfect home sauna for body and mind – contact us today to find out more.

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