How to choose the perfect enclosure for you

Anasa London’s extensive range of exquisite pavilions, gazebos and bespoke enclosures provide the ultimate solution for enjoying your hot tub, swim spa or pool all year round. Selecting the enclosure style and structure that elegantly fits into its environment and provides the best option for your spa however is a decision that should be considered carefully.

Different Variations and Styles

Our enclosures are available in a selection of different styles, each offering their own unique benefits and properties. The most popular options we offer are the cedar pavilions, thatched pavilions, rotating roof enclosures and bespoke pavilion enclosures. Whilst each of these deliver outstanding protection for your spa, they each serve a different purpose, function and aesthetic. As a result, you might find that one is more suited to your needs than another.

Understanding The Differences

Cedar Pavilions are handcrafted using only the finest western red cedar, providing an elegant outdoor space for fine dining, socialising or simply relaxing. These beautiful pavilions offer impeccable class and luxury, designed and constructed bespoke to your specifications to provide the ultimate escape. You can find out more about Anasa’s Cedar Pavilions here.

Thatched Pavilions are built using high-quality pressure treated redwood and luxurious western red cedar. Built with thatched roofs and cedar shingles, they allow the user to enjoy the magnificent outdoors all year round without compromise. Available in a range of sizes from just two people up to an extravagant multipurpose entertaining space, our redwood thatched pavilions come with a 10 year structural guarantee and our cedar pavilions come with a 20 year guarantee. You can learn more here.

Rotating Roof Enclosures provide a modern but timeless take on the bespoke enclosure, with advanced automatic rain sensors that allow the roof to be closed quickly if the weather takes a turn for the worse. The sides of the louvered roof can also be fitted with moveable wall elements to provide extra protection from the elements and increased privacy. These are available as seamless sliding glass doors, electric weatherproof blinds or cedar louvres to add a personalised touch of style to the modern aesthetic. You can also choose from a range of optional extras such as heating blades, LED lighting or discreet speakers as well as choosing from hundreds of colours to ensure that your enclosure looks seamless and elegant. Find out more about our rotating roof enclosures here.

Bespoke Enclosures can serve as an ultimate form of expression of the owner, allowing them to display their unique taste, whether it be vintage, modern, wood, metal or anything else you can imagine. Our team work closely with the owner to turn their vision into a reality and create the perfect entertainment space to accommodate friends and family, or a secluded retreat where they can escape to unwind. No job is more rewarding than helping someone build their dream, so our engineers work with each client to ensure that their bespoke enclosure is designed exactly to their specification to exceed their expectations. You can learn more about our bespoke enclosures here.

Choosing The Perfect Enclosure For You

Depending on the intended purpose of the enclosure, you can limit your choices based on the advantages and options of the various pavilions and enclosures we have explored. Although each enclosure has its unique interesting properties and purposes, ultimately it comes down to your personal aesthetic preferences, function, style and budget.

Exploring the options available and their unique properties will allow you to find the perfect enclosure for your home or commercial space. If you wish to design your own enclosure to fill a space and provide a slice of luxury for hosting social events or protect your spa or pool, often the best option is to work with our designers to create your very own custom made enclosure.

To further explore the options available to you, visit our website here or get in touch with one of our friendly, professional team by calling 0208 309 0600.

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