How to integrate your hot tub with a small outside area

Imagine, sitting back and relaxing in the hot tub of your drams, surrounded by greenery and flowers of all kinds. Not sure how that will work in your small garden? With a bit of creativity, your small garden can be transformed into a piece of luxury.

Don’t underestimate your current landscape

If your garden already has a decking area or patio this could be the perfect location to house your hot tub. It isn’t necessary to completely redo your garden, make the most of what you have already. We’d just recommend the surface area is level, something like a concrete base for the perfect foundations.
On the other hand, if you have an incline in your garden, why not make your hot tub a centre piece feature to show off with a flatted-out area and retaining walls.

Think outside the box

Meaning, use trees and plotted plants rather than fences to create an illusion your garden exceeds all boundaries. Tall fences in small gardens often feel like you’re trapped, take up our piece of advice and transport yourself into a jungle of greenery.

Add a touch of colour

Transform your boring grey patio into a bed of colour. Hang plant boxes from windows or patio railings, or even cascading flowers adding beauty and ambiance to your garden. For your year-round hot tub, why not consider year-round flowers such as coneflowers, creeping phlox or perennial geranium.

Keep it private

You may want to have total privacy, and escape the world when you’re in your hot tub, rather than making your garden look bigger. If you live in the city or your garden is one of many small lots, add privacy to your hot tub with a cascading fabric wall, or using a screen.
A huge garden isn’t necessary to make your hot tub look grand. Make the most out of what you’ve got.
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