Could a hydrotherapy pool help to ease arthritis symptoms?

Arthritis is a painful condition that can affect anyone but which is particularly common in older people. Inflammation is part of the body’s natural healing process, something that is usually a defence mechanism where there has been an injury, such as a burn or a sprain. However, with arthritis, inflammation occurs without any trigger and instead of being a natural stage of the body’s process of repair, it means that pain and stiffness become a part of every day life. As arthritis is a chronic, ongoing condition it’s important to find ways to help manage it – a hydrotherapy pool could be one of those ways.

What is hydrotherapy?

Hydrotherapy is essentially the use of water to help to treat certain conditions and complaints. This “water cure” dates back through the centuries and was used by the ancient Egyptian, Greek and Roman civilisations, as well as more recent generations, as part of a wellness routine and seeking solutions to aches and pains. It is now well established that the use of hydrotherapy can help to ease arthritis symptoms.

How does a hydrotherapy pool help to ease arthritis symptoms?

There are three key ways in which a hydrotherapy pool can help bring relief to those who suffer with arthritis:

  1. The water resistance. Pushing against water resistance while moving arms and legs can provide a supported way to exercise that doesn’t place further pressure on inflamed joints. It also enables muscle to be built to help make the body stronger.
  2. The water buoyancy. The human body tends to float in water and this buoyancy helps to ease the pain that the pressure of gravity can put on inflamed joints and bones. It also makes it easier to move and can help to improve the range of movement that someone with arthritis has.
  3. The water warmth. The warm temperature of a hydrotherapy pool is ideal for those suffering with inflammation and pain in the joints. The impact of the higher temperature is that pain is eased and muscles become much more relaxed. This not only makes it easier to exercise but also makes the experience more pleasant and pain-free.

There are many scientific studies that have established that spending time in a hydrotherapy pool can have a positive impact on anyone with arthritis, both in terms of health and fitness and also pain relief. It tends to be beneficial whether the arthritis affects only a few joints in the body or is widespread. From osteoarthritis, to back pain and psoriatic arthritis hydrotherapy has been found to provide relief and enable the conditions in which strength and muscle tone can be slowly built up.

While many hydrotherapy sessions take place in shared pools, there are significant advantages to having a hydrotherapy pool of your own at home. You can access the water whenever you need the relief, stick to a schedule of exercise and enjoy hydrotherapy in the privacy of your own home. Our team can help you to find the ideal hydrotherapy pool for your home – contact Anasa today to find out more.

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