Lounge Saunas

Anasa, the internationally acclaimed London Swimming Pool Company Leader in first class Spas, Saunas and Steam Rooms.

The pinnacle of sauna bathing, the Klafs Lounge saunas have an interior and exterior that have been built to the highest possible design and quality standards. Elegant and practical, make your sauna a truly unique product as you choose from a wide range of doors and windows, as well as having the option to incorporate additional features which are important to you.

One of our unique selections that can be added is the Klafs Sanarium plus SaunaPUR for our discerning customers who want to experience their sauna differently. This feature transforms your sauna from one product into five. You can chose from; a classic sauna, a warm air sauna, a tropical sauna, an aroma sauna and a soft steam sauna, depending on your mood. You simply choose the climate zone which suits your present mood, and the Sanarium with SaunaPUR® will automatically adjust the humidity and temperature to your precise requirements.

As well as looking stunningly beautiful, the relaxation offered by this unique sauna is not only extremely pleasant, but also has proven health benefits. Regular usage of the Sanarium trains the cardiovascular system. The circulation boosting climate in this sauna reduces high blood pressure and alleviates circulatory disorders so your body benefits as you feel great! Impressively, this exclusive Sanarium also benefits our skin as it cleanses, purifies and simultaneously enriches it with nutrients and minerals.

If you benefit from aromatherapy, fill the sauna cabin with fragrance using our scent cup and essential oils, and relax to soothing natural sounds as you let your cares melt away…


Here’s what our customers have to say

  • Berkeley Homes and I would highly recommend you Christina and Anasa’s products to anyone and everyone.

    - Justin Tibaldi, Divisional Managing Director of Berkeley Homes (Capital) plc

  • You are the most professional, knowledgeable (and happiest) people we have worked with in the pool and spa industry. When things go wrong you resolve with them so speedily and efficiently we cannot fault you. You get what you pay for!

    - David Healey, Managing Director of Avicam Homes

  • Thank god we chose you!

    - Tommaso Del Buono, del Buono Gazerwitz Landscape Architecture

  • Year after year it is a pleasure working with you and your team.

    - Luke Dejahan, Cheslea Exhibitor & owner of Crown Pavilions

  • The spa looks absolutely gorgeous! Thank you. You are the best!

    - Paul Price