Anasa, the internationally acclaimed London Swimming Pool Company Leader in first class Spas, Saunas and Steam Rooms.

Unsure whether to invest in a steam room or sauna? Let Anasa create a focal point of pleasure in your bathroom or spa environment with our uniquely handcrafted steam showers. Features ranging from illuminated recesses and touch screen steam control units, to stunning Hansgrohe “drench” Rainmaker features. Shower trays with an integrated drain make installation into existing facilities simple, making it easier than ever to take advantage of the benefits of alternative steam therapies.

Our snail showers incorporate variable speed wall jets to ensure your whole body is cleaned and caressed. The elegant, high-quality shower heads and multicoloured LED spotlights blend as harmoniously into the interior as the newly developed PSI steam inlet; while the integrated Green Steam Package ensures that you also have a clear environmental conscience. As the warm clouds of vapour envelop you, a feeling of bliss is sure to descend.

Steam Rooms

A sense of complete internal and external serenity is easily achieved by immersing your body in the humidity of one of Anasa’s tranquil steam rooms. These exclusive products provide an optimum climate to maximise the many benefits of steam therapy.
Steam Rooms


The soothing steam of one of Anasa’s traditional Hammam’s opens your pores and eliminates toxins, whilst rejuvenating and energising your body. These unique environments create a focal point of pleasure in any home or spa area.
Hammam Steam Room

Steam Shower

Anasa’s handcrafted steam showers with elegant, high quality shower heads & wall jets provide you with a sense of full body cleansing. The warm clouds of vapour are sure to unwind your tight muscles as you slip into a world of pleasure.
Steam Shower

Snow Rooms & Ice Chutes

The team at Anasa love winter as much as summer. Owning one of our exclusive snow rooms will no doubt make you the talk of your peers. These unique products boost your immunity leaving you feeling truly refreshed and revitalised.
Snow Rooms & Ice Chutes


Anasa’s unparalleled craftsmanship exceeds your expectations when creating a bespoke steam room or steam shower exclusively for you. Our discerning clients love the fact that no two of our products are the same.

Here’s what our customers have to say

  • Berkeley Homes and I would highly recommend you Christina and Anasa’s products to anyone and everyone.

    - Justin Tibaldi, Divisional Managing Director of Berkeley Homes (Capital) plc

  • You are the most professional, knowledgeable (and happiest) people we have worked with in the pool and spa industry. When things go wrong you resolve with them so speedily and efficiently we cannot fault you. You get what you pay for!

    - David Healey, Managing Director of Avicam Homes

  • Thank god we chose you!

    - Tommaso Del Buono, del Buono Gazerwitz Landscape Architecture

  • Year after year it is a pleasure working with you and your team.

    - Luke Dejahan, Cheslea Exhibitor & owner of Crown Pavilions

  • The spa looks absolutely gorgeous! Thank you. You are the best!

    - Paul Price