Swim Spas & Pools

Anasa, the internationally acclaimed London Swimming Pool Company Leader in first class Spas, Saunas and Steam Rooms.

Whether you envisage an indoor or outdoor spa swimming pool Anasa provides the ultimate in style and convenience. The unique and individual designs of the Anasa swim spa are tailored to the expressions of the owner in order to successfully create your ideal swimming experience.

Exercise is essential to physical, mental and emotional well-being as well as increasing your quality of life. In addition to the exhausting demands of modern living, it is more crucial than ever to make time to unwind and reward yourself.

For clients who want the uninterrupted spa swimming pool experience, or do not have the space for a larger pool, our small luxury pools and swim spas offer the ‘best of both worlds’. The perfect aquatic gym or exercise pool and fun for the whole family, you can surf on the wave, exercise using incorporated marine grade stainless steel gym equipment or even cycle against the variable speed current! They provide the ideal training environment, incorporated with the opulence of the hydrotherapy jets to revitalise your aching muscles within your own endless swimming pool. Switch the jets off and you have a pool.

The NASA-inspired insulation, low-energy pumps and Eco Heat Exchange technology, you will be able to luxuriate in these magnificent swim spas all year round for just pennies a day.

If you have never experienced the feeling of an endless swimming pool and the complete peace and contentment it brings, then get in touch with our spa design team who are guaranteed to exceed your expectations and more.

Tiled Swim Spas

Our tiled swim spas can be built to any size and specification and can be finished in a range of beautiful mosaic tiles to match the theme and architecture of their surroundings. They are also very low maintenance thanks to their unique built in self-cleaning and self-dosing systems.
Tiled Swim Spas

Self-Cleaning Swim Spas

With their unique self-cleaning and self-dosing systems, you can be the proud owner of one of the world’s only self-cleaning swim spas. Choose from various sizes, colours and an extensive range of options, such as underwater LED lighting and exercise bars, to make your pool truly exclusive.
Self Cleaning Swim Spas

Swimming Pools

Whether you choose a traditional roman end, a modern stainless steel or an individually tiled pool made from our sensational range of glass mosaics, be sure to own a truly unique product that embodies exclusivity and luxury.
Swimming Pools

Stainless Steel Swim Spas

Their lavish appearance and tough steel shells create a dramatic focal point of pleasure in any garden or leisure area. With their unlimited service lives, exceptional durability and low maintenance, these pools ultimately create more time for what matters to you.
Stainless Steel Pools

Hydrotherapy Pools

Melt into the warmth and comfort of a hydrotherapy pool in your home, as you enjoy the endless benefits provided by this unique product. Choose from a number of therapeutic treatments to help alleviate any pain or discomfort, so you can live and enjoy life to its fullest.
Hydrotherapy Pools


Only limited by the boundaries of your imagination, allow us to create you a pool that showcases style, luxury and class. We won’t put a limit on your ideas, so you just sit back and relax as we create the pool of your dreams.

Here’s what our customers have to say

  • Berkeley Homes and I would highly recommend you Christina and Anasa’s products to anyone and everyone.

    - Justin Tibaldi, Divisional Managing Director of Berkeley Homes (Capital) plc

  • You are the most professional, knowledgeable (and happiest) people we have worked with in the pool and spa industry. When things go wrong you resolve with them so speedily and efficiently we cannot fault you. You get what you pay for!

    - David Healey, Managing Director of Avicam Homes

  • Thank god we chose you!

    - Tommaso Del Buono, del Buono Gazerwitz Landscape Architecture

  • Year after year it is a pleasure working with you and your team.

    - Luke Dejahan, Cheslea Exhibitor & owner of Crown Pavilions

  • The spa looks absolutely gorgeous! Thank you. You are the best!

    - Paul Price