Swim spas vs. the traditional swimming pool… which is best for you?

Swimming is a great way to exercise and having a swimming pool or a swim spa on your property can provide you with a wellness resource, an escape from stress and somewhere to get fit and have fun. Whether you’re looking for a luxury addition, or something practical and useful, the swimming pool or the swim spa has a lot to offer – but which is the best choice for you?

A swimming pool is best for…

  • Natural swimming. There’s no current to swim against in a swimming pool so it’s just you and the water. For some people that means that the workout isn’t quite as effective but if you’re looking for the space to swim naturally then a swimming pool is a great choice.
  • Lots of land. If you have a property with lots of land then a swimming pool is ideal for making the most of it. Swimming pools tend not to be space efficient like a swim spa but they can be a great landscaping feature if you have the grounds in which to really show them off.
  • Events and large groups. From children’s parties through to family get-togethers, the larger size of a swimming pool makes it ideal for hosting events and bigger groups – as long as your property has the space to accommodate it.
  • Boosting property value. In fact, both a swimming pool and a swim spa can have a positive impact on the value of your property. It will depend on the quality of the pool, the maintenance obligations, as well as the aesthetics that you’ve created from the installation.

A swim spa is best for…

  • Any sized property. One of the major benefits of a swim spa is that it can be installed in a property of almost any size. Swim spas make use of a current to provide resistance to swim against – as a result you get a fantastic workout but don’t need the space of a full sized pool. So, swim spas are available even if you have limited room to work with.
  • Indoor swimming. Depending on the weather, having a pool outside could mean that it’s unusable for months of the year. Locating a swim spa indoors is much simpler than installing a pool inside – you’ll just need a structural specialist to confirm you have the right floor and then you can locate the pool indoors and use it whenever you wish.
  • Spending less without compromising style or quality. Swim spas tend to cost less than swimming pools, both in terms of materials and installation. So, you can add more value with less spend with a swim spa.
  • A more versatile experience. Set the current to high resistance for a serious workout, adjust it depending on your training schedule or just sit back and enjoy the massage jets. A swim spa offers many more options than just natural swimming.

If you’d like to find a swim spa for your property that suits your lifestyle needs we can help – contact our specialist team for more information today on 0208 309 0600.

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