The new owner’s guide to looking after your hot tub

Like many pleasure in life, we so often get so over excited about the new things we buy. Yet after a while the novelty wears off and we start to lose focus and care towards what was once cherished. But not with our hot tubs and the support of one of the best UK companies for hot tub aftercare, and that’s why we thought we’d share how you can ensure your hot tub is granted the proper care and maintenance it deserves.


If this is the first time you have owned a hot tub, it’s understandable that it may take you a while before you fully get to grips with your new kit and get to know the chemistry of your spa water. In response to this, you can find our team of trained experts at our showroom open 7 days a week, to provide answers to your questions either in person or over the phone.
It is also worth mentioning we sell an outstanding range of own branded water treatment chemicals designed perfectly to match our collection of spa solutions, so that your water is perfect, all year round.

Draining and Refilling

An often forgotten aspect of hot tub care is the draining and refilling process. We generally recommend that for every three months the average user should drain and clean their spa, including the jets and filters while the tub is empty ensuring your hot tub is running smoothly and the continuity of water quality is guaranteed.
As mentioned above we are one of the best UK companies for hot tub aftercare, and offer a range of servicing and maintenance options so your spa is always in outstanding condition, whether it be fortnightly, monthly, quarterly or annually we provide you with as much help that is necessary.

General Practice

In addition to the cleaning and maintenance, we recommend best practice techniques to ensure your hot tub is at optimal performance all year round. Before a bathing session we recommend showering to prevent any external contaminants getting into your pool.
Another piece of advice is that when your hot tub isn’t in use we recommend you leaving it on. Our systems are designed to be left operational even when you are absent allowing the self-cleaning elements inside to ensure a consistent temperature and filter the water so it’s ready whenever you require to use it.
If you’re interested in purchasing one of our hot tubs to be a centre piece in your garden, or maybe you’d like to find out more about our maintenance services, visit our website or call us today on 0208 309 0600.

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