What are the health benefits of ice chutes and snow rooms?

The delicate balance between heat and cold has long had a role to play in wellness, physical therapy and luxurious indulgence. While hot tubs, saunas and steam rooms deliver therapeutic warmth that can soothe and relax, ice chutes and snow rooms are the perfect way to add a revitalising breath of fresh air.

The snow room experience

A snow room is essentially a blissfully cold sauna. It is a sealed room filled with snow where temperatures drop below zero. The aesthetics of a snow room are designed to encourage the feel of the mountainside with rocky textures and a cool colour palette.

The essential ice chute

The ice chute is an option for access to cooling sensation on a smaller scale than the snow room. Via a stylish modern design, the ice chute delivers a torrent of ice, perfect for post-sauna or hot tub when you are looking to cool off quickly.

The health benefits of ice chutes and snow rooms

Improving alertness and attention. Many people claim that spending time in a snow room first thing in the morning is the perfect, instant wake up that the body needs to hit the ground running. Plus, it can improve your attention span throughout the day. Think of the stimulating impact of a cold shower and times that by ten.

Aiding sleep. Snow rooms and ice chutes also have a role to play in helping the body to switch off, release and wind down at the end of the day. There’s plenty of evidence to suggest that some time in a cold room could help to improve your sleep, not just the quality but also helping to deal with any issues that you might have getting to sleep.

Handling injuries and helping the body heal. Top athletes and Olympians from all over the world regularly use cryotherapy to speed up healing and optimise the body’s own resources. A snow room or ice chute works on the same principles (although a much more pleasant level of cold) to provide many of the same benefits.

Slowing down the ageing process. You don’t have to go far to find a glamorous celebrity who regularly uses the power of the cold to help slow down ageing and boost the aesthetics of skin and hair. Snow rooms and ice chutes have many fans thanks to the impact that they have on the body, from tightening to improving texture and quality.

The contrast of hot and cold. Immersing the body in heat and then cold is probably one of the most powerful ways to soothe, stimulate and improve overall wellness. A sauna or steam room, combined with the cool of a snow room or ice chute, can boost circulation and skin quality, help to brighten mood and increase overall physical wellbeing.

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