What are the rejuvenating benefits of snow rooms and ice chutes?

Spa treatments come in many varieties. From the blissful bubbles of a hot tub, to the soothing steam of a sauna, most of us are used to the idea that heat can provide both relaxation and therapy. While that’s certainly the case, it isn’t the only choice with respect to luxurious home spa options. Snow rooms and ice chutes offer a range of wellbeing benefits that are perfectly designed to enhance a busy lifestyle and support revitalisation and recovery.

The benefits of snow rooms and ice chutes

The perfect partner to your hot tub or sauna

If you’re keen to create an entire spa experience at home then a snow room or ice chute is an essential part of it. Ice chutes, in particular, are very easy to add to your home spa layout if you want to compliment your sauna with a cold component. Ice chutes are ideally mounted outside a sauna or hot tub where they can neatly dispense ice to create a wonderfully fast and refreshingly cool experience after you’ve been in the heat.

Own the latest spa experience

Snow rooms are the latest in home spa development and are becoming increasingly popular with those keen to enjoy an up to the minute spa experience. These innovative spaces have a snowy, rocky interior aesthetic and are completely sealed so that they can drop to temperatures below zero. At that point snow forms and the snow room creates a cool and unusual experience for those seeking out exclusive spa therapy.

Enjoy the physical benefits of cold therapy

Snow rooms and ice chutes harness the benefits of cold therapy in the same way that saunas and hot tubs use heat. This can benefit the human body in many ways, for example boosting the immune system and improving alertness, helping to increase motivation and focus. It also has benefits for the circulation and can help to improve the quality of skin and hair. Snow rooms and ice chutes have even been found to have weight loss benefits.

Blissful relaxation at home

The cold has been shown to have as many benefits as the heat when it comes to helping the human body to relax and unwind. Many people swear by their snow room to revitalise them first thing in the morning with a quick blast of chill air. Others say that being able to spend time in a snow room at night means that they can leave the day behind and that it enhances the quality of sleep. No matter when you’re using the snow room the ultimate result is the same – rejuvenation whether as a result of a great night’s sleep or using your snow room first thing.

The balance of heat and cold has long been used in spa therapy to refresh the mind and rejuvenate the body. If you’d like to find out more about the benefits of a snow room and what your options are then we can help. Contact our team to find out more today on 0208 309 0600.

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