What makes a swim spa superior to a pool for enjoyment at home?

When it comes to luxurious home amenities there is a significant difference between a swim spa and a swimming pool. While both involve activities in the water the two are actually quite a different investment. Whether you’re looking for the opportunity to improve your health and wellness, or somewhere to relax and switch off, there are some fairly significant lifestyle differences between the two.

Easier installation

Swimming pools tend to break the budget for installation, as they are often larger and built into the ground. Installation can be far more time consuming and disruptive to the household and, if the pool is outside, may also be held up by the weather. A swim spa is smaller, more compact – it’s designed for simple and fast installation and, as a result, also tends to be more cost effective too.

Simpler maintenance

Maintaining a swimming pool can require a lot of equipment, from robotic cleaners to skimmers and even someone to do it for you. To ensure the water is safe and the pool is pleasant to use, an expensive and ongoing schedule of maintenance is likely to be required. Swim spas, on the other hand, demand much less maintenance – in fact, if you invest in a self-cleaning model virtually no effort is required.

Better protection

As swimming pools are often outside there is a lot more that can go wrong, from insects and animals falling into the water, to leaves and dead plants blocking filters. This usually necessitates costly and cumbersome swimming pool covers, which are notorious for the speed at which they are damaged and need to be replaced. Swim spa covers are smaller and easy to work with, designed specifically to fit the model that you buy them for and more effective at protection, even if the spa is outside.

More challenging workouts

What most people don’t realise until they own a swim spa is how much better the workout is than in a swimming pool. There is no opportunity to stop at the wall and put your feet down with a swim spa, as you’re swimming against a continuous current. As the current can be set at different speeds and strengths you can vary the workout that you have and create a much more challenging workout regime in the water.

More environmentally friendly

Swim spas tend to be far more efficiently designed than swimming pools, as they are a smaller space to heat and much better able to trap and preserve that heat. If being green is a key consideration for you then there are many energy efficient models to choose from.

More versatile use

Swim spas are easier to use all year round, as they are simpler to heat and/or easier to install indoors. Plus, there is a lot more that you can do with your swim spa, from turning on the jets for a relaxing spa party, to having fun in the waves with the kids.

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