What To Look For In A Bespoke Hot Tub Solution

When you’re looking for the perfect hot tub, sometimes it’s difficult to find exactly what you want. Perhaps you have a unique outside space and want to transform the area completely. Or perhaps you have an underutilised room which you want to turn into the focal point of your home. Whatever your reasons or requirements, a bespoke hot tub is a great way to enhance your space exactly the way you want to. From conception through to completion, there are a number of different aspects you may wish to consider to ensure your hot tub is a perfect addition to your home.

What materials do you like?

The specifications that you make for your hot tub will depend on the style and finish you want. Tiled styles offer a range of finishes, from modern designs to Romanesque finishes complete with intricate mosaic designs. Contrastingly, why not consider a stainless steel design? A durable, low maintenance and striking addition to your leisure area or garden space.
The beauty of bespoke hot tubs is that they can be designed and made to fit the aesthetics of their surroundings to suite your taste, whilst offering a host of practical functionalities and blissful luxuries.

Will the hot tub have a specific purpose?

Another important consideration for your hot tub is what your primary use of it will be. Other than relaxation, there are a number of other needs that your hot tub can meet. For example, is it combined with a swim spa for exercise purposes, or will it be used for regular home hydrotherapy sessions? These things can help you decide on the design you want, which will include considerations about the sizing and space required for the finished product.

What additional extras are you looking for?

As with any bespoke product, there are a number of optional extras that you might want – some of which may make your hot tub feel personalised to match your vision. For example, LED Chromotherapy lighting can be fitted to your hot tub, adding to the atmosphere and overall design, as well as waterproof speakers to bring your music to life whilst you relax in the water.

Hot tubs built to your specifications

Anasa specialises in building bespoke hot tubs to suit a wide range of requirements. If you want extra privacy, we offer complete premium enclosures, featuring rotating roofs to provide the privacy and tranquillity you need. Our range of saunas and steam rooms can also be custom built to complement your hot tub, and create a haven of relaxation for you to enjoy.

Take a look at some of our bespoke projects here or get in touch today on 0208 309 0600 to discuss your bespoke hot tub design.

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