Why are Softubs the latest home hot tubs trend?

Hot tubs are fairly consistently in demand with those seeking out a blissful way to relax and a stylish feature for the home. However, in 2018 there is one type of hot tub so popular that it has become a bona fide trend. Softubs are the latest hot tub must have – sophisticated and innovative they are gaining popularity as a good looking alternative to a traditional hot tub for a number of reasons.

A more energy efficient option

Green lifestyles and sustainable choices are becoming increasingly important, which is where Softubs really excel. The design of Softubs is focused on maximising efficiency, with pump, heater and motor in a single unit. As a result, Softubs heat the filtered water incredibly quickly and don’t require excessive energy to do so. This both helps to reduce the energy that Softubs consume and cut the running costs.

Whisper technology

Some hot tubs shout but Softubs use Whisper technology, which means they are subtle and quiet – barely noticeable when in use. As a result, they are a much quieter choice of hot tub and tend to make it much easier to enjoy the therapeutic benefits of the warm water and relax. The process of relaxation is also aided by the Softub’s design, which includes more flexible sides than a traditional hot tub. This micro “give” creates a gentle recline due to the tub’s smooth shape and an ultra relaxing space to sink into.

Superior aesthetics

Although aesthetics can be beautiful with both regular hot tubs and Softubs, many believe that it’s the Softubs that have the aesthetic advantage. With a leather outer that is super stylish, Softubs don’t employ the hard textures and geometric shapes that a traditional hot tub might. Instead, they are smooth and curved and flexible. A range of accessories is also available to enhance the aesthetics of the Softub, including decking and a selection of different surrounds that are designed to enhance the experience.

Lightweight design and portability

Ease of use and installation are two elements that consistently come up when we speak to our customers about the beauty of Softubs. While a traditional hot tub may require a specific surface to stand on due to weight issues, the lightweight Softubs can be placed almost anywhere. The lends a particular luxury to Softubs, as they can be placed where they will be most enjoyed, whether that’s to make the most of a view from a balcony or outside on decking to soak up the sunshine.

Intelligent design

Softubs have been designed with both luxurious comfort and long-term durability in mind. A firm foam interior and flexible sides enable increased enjoyment by elevating levels of comfort. At the same time, the outer materials of Softubs have been built for the longer-term, to withstand both wear and weather.

Softubsare the burgeoning trend in home luxury this season – we can help you to find the perfect design for your home and your lifestyle. Contact Anasa today to find out more.

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