3 reasons to consider buying your own infrared sauna

Whether you are looking for the latest and greatest in sauna technology, or whether you suffer from the effects of fibromyalgia or arthritis, an infrared sauna can offer a truly unique sauna experience. The heat produced by the sauna creates an incredible environment of ultimate relaxation which promotes wellbeing and pain relief, whether you are at home or commercial spa. With this in mind, here are 3 reasons to consider investing in your own infrared sauna…

#1 Infrared therapy for pain relief

Infrared therapy is one of the latest innovations in sauna technology. Infrared technology works by delivering a more targeted heat than a traditional sauna, which allows for the treatment of specific pains and discomforts. The warmth produced also promotes sleep, and enhances relaxation and wellbeing.
Despite being used for hundreds of years, infrared technology was not truly recognised and perfected until the late 19th century, offering a vast improvement and innovation on the typical sauna setup which has been used in nature and commercial spas for many years.

#2 Treat injuries and illnesses

Infrared saunas traditionally come with three settings, each offering a different level of intensity that can be adapted to your unique requirements. This provides more targeted treatment for muscles and to soothe pains than typical sauna treatments, which can be life-changing for those suffering with daily pain, helping them to experience everyday life without discomfort. Infrared saunas are especially powerful for those who suffer from limited mobility due to chronic pain, however they are just as beneficial for those who prefer to utilise the benefits of infrared saunas to simply optimise their relaxation experience.

#3 Promoting fitness and wellbeing

Infrared saunas are also perfect for those looking to enhance their typical work out or wellbeing routines, or for those who are looking for an easy, relaxing way to improve their health, without having the time or availability to visit a traditional spa. Infrared saunas encourage perspiration, so in combination with exercise this can increase the overall burn from your workout. At the same time, it also increases circulation and removes toxins from the body, easing the strain on your liver and kidneys and promoting healthy, clear skin.

Infrared Sauna solutions from Anasa London

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