How can your sauna help as part of your weight-loss journey?

Although there is no miracle solution for weight loss, there are many more options available today to make progress faster and more permanent. A sauna presents just this kind of opportunity with new research indicating that a session could have the same impact as completing a moderate-intensity workout. While saunas are well known for their ultra-relaxing effect on the body, this research indicates that they could also help anyone to become more streamlined too.

Weight loss and the sauna

Spending time in a sauna impacts the human body in a number of different ways and many of these can contribute to improving weight loss efforts.

Getting rid of excess water

There could be any number of reasons for carrying around excess water weight – and this could be up to five pounds of your total bodyweight. Although it’s possible to rid your body of this excess water weight with diet and exercise, it can take a week to do so. A sauna, on the other hand, will have an almost instant impact – thanks to the sweating that happens in a sauna it takes just a day or so.

Helping your body to burn calories

A sauna session will increase your heart rate and this also has an effect on the speed at which your metabolism is able to burn calories. Metabolic rate can be increased by around 20% when you’re in a sauna, which means your body is primed to burn more calories and at a faster rate. Not only will your metabolic rate rise while you’re in the sauna but it can stay higher afterwards too.

Reducing the impact of stress on diet

Stress eating is something that many people do – it’s all too easy to turn to sweet and sugary foods or carbs when you’re not coping with the impact of stress on your body. However, a sauna presents an alternative to this. Cortisol is a stress hormone and tends to be released into the human body when it comes under a lot of physical or mental stress. Sauna sessions can help to rebalance cortisol levels so that you feel calmer and your body isn’t stressed or inflamed. As a result you should find it easier to avoid stress responses.

Supporting your workouts

The more you enjoy working out, the more you’re likely to do it and the easier it will be to shed pounds. A sauna can help to improve respiratory function and make it easier to up your stamina so that you can do more exercise and get fitter. Fitter bodies burn more calories, even when they are at rest.

The detox effect

Sweating in a sauna also has a significant detoxifying effect on the body, which can clear out your lymphatic system so that the body can focus on fat burning instead of working to eliminate impurities.

A sauna can form a key part of a weight loss programme, alongside the right diet, regular exercise and strengthening and toning exercises. We can help you to find the perfect sauna for you – contact our team to find out more today.

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