How can frequent sauna use improve your skin?

Saunas are extremely popular with a wide variety of users who enjoy using them for a number of reasons. Aside from general wellness and spa relaxation purposes, saunas help to relieve stress while boosting the body’s natural immune system. One way that many users have found that saunas benefit them is that it can improve the appearance and health of skin when frequent visits are made. Here is how it can improve your skin:

Heat from Sauna use boosts circulation

The heat from the Saunas is higher than standard body temperature, which means the body begins to produce sweat and blood circulation also increases. The combination of opened pores, sweating and increased circulation helps to dislodge toxins in the body, and the body automatically sends nutrients and oxygen to the skin’s surface, which have great benefits for moisturising skin and leaving it soft.

Collagen production is stimulated

Collagen is what gives skin its elasticity and this can decrease over time as we age, allowing skin to wrinkle as we get older. Heat from saunas stimulates the body to produce more collagen, strengthening our internal organs, as well as our skin. Increased collagen helps to remove dead skin cells and improve the growth of healthy skins cells underneath, keeping skin young, fresh and with as much collagen as possible.

Pores are cleansed through frequent sauna use

Although showering removes oil, dirt and other things from your skin, sauna use is able to cleanse pores more deeply. This is because when you sweat, any impurities held within your pores and glands are flushed out with the sweat, removing it from your skin and body. This leaves skin clearer and less prone to blackheads, spots and even more harsh skin conditions like acne over time, since impurities are regularly flushed out.

Glowing skin at home

The benefits mentioned above are just some of the benefits of frequent sauna use, however it’s not always easy to find a sauna that is convenient to use often. You might have to visit a spa or local leisure centre with the facilities for a sauna, and this means that you might not get the full benefits of using the sauna. However, you can have your own sauna at home that you can use any time you want to, and even invite others to join you.

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