What can you offer your gym members and hotel guests by providing a sauna and steam room?

People who work out tend to be keen on wellness. If you’re offering fitness facilities to gym members or hotel guests then a sauna and steam room provide a holistic wellness solution that will have broad appeal. A sauna and steam room are the ideal complimentary facilities to classes or workout equipment – and have a number of great benefits that will be attractive to your members and guests.

Post workout wind down

After the official workout cool down many people still find it difficult to entirely relax. Muscles can remain tense and this can be problematic to achieving the kinds of gains that keen gym-goers are looking for. Spending time in a sauna and steam room after a workout is an efficient way to relax muscles and expedite the process of achieving muscle growth and gains.

Detoxifying the body

Both a sauna and a steam room are designed to make you sweat, something that has a crucial role to play in assisting the body in ridding itself of toxins. Research has found that just 20 minutes in a sauna or steam room can help the body to detoxify itself of an entire day’s worth of sweat and waste.

A workout for the skin

The heat of both a sauna and steam room helps to boost circulation, something that is fundamental to improving skin aesthetics and quality. Steam is also particularly well known for the positive impact it has on the skin, even on improving conditions such as acne. Being able to spend time in a sauna or steam room at the end of a workout will give your members or guests the opportunity to emerge looking glowy and great.

Total relaxation

Working out can be stressful and is often something that people do at the end of a long day. The ideal way to finish off any workout, from circuits to running or yoga, is to retreat to a sauna or steam room. The heat relaxes muscles and can help to relieve the impact of joint pain, as well as reducing stress or tension headaches.

Improving circulation

After a blood pumping workout, time in a sauna or steam room is ideal because of the positive impact that this has on circulation. The heat opens up the capillaries so that blood flow is increased and more oxygen can be carried around the body to support recovery.

Increased flexibility

Many of us end up feeling stiff after a heavy workout session and being able to step into a sauna or steam room can help to avoid this. Muscles that are regularly stretched before time in the heat can result in more flexibility and fewer stiff and achy sensations after exercise.

Better breathing

From temporary colds to permanent sinus issues, a session in a steam room or sauna helps to open up the sinuses, thinning the mucus membranes all around the body and making breathing easier and more efficient.

These are just some of the benefits you can offer to gym members or hotel guests by having a steam room and sauna on the premises. Take a look at our range of steam rooms and saunas today.

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