Choosing a hot tub to suit your travelling lifestyle

If you enjoy the relaxing atmosphere that a hot tub can offer, but have an active lifestyle involving frequent travel, it can be difficult to find a compromise that offers both. Hot tubs are often heavy and not designed for use anywhere other than for home installation, but often there are other locations that you might want to use your hot tub.

Lightweight design

Anasa offers specially designed Softubs that provide a lighter-weight alternative to standard hot tubs. This means that, as well as standard home use, they can be used on balconies and areas where heavier hot tubs might be unable to go. This also makes them suitable for easier transportation for owners who wish to set up their tub on their own boat or at their holiday home for use there.

Where can lightweight hot tubs be used?

These lightweight hot tubs are suitable for outdoor and indoor use, as well as being perfect for using on your own boat or yacht, these are the ideal solution for those looking for a hot tub to relax in wherever it might be. What’s more is that they are versatile, so you could even get another Softub tub for home use if you want to be able to enjoy both locations, even if you only have a balcony space rather than an outside garden area.

Benefits of Inflatable Hot Tubs and Softubs

There are also a number of other benefits to Softubs compared to standard Hot Tubs. For example, they require around 50% less energy to run than a standard model, which reduces both energy usage and the cost to run. Their easy transportation means that they can be set up in any location of your choice, as they require less space and carry less weight than a standard hot tub design.

Personalising your Softub

It’s not only your tub itself that can used anywhere you like, but there are several features available to customise your hot tub ready for use. For example, you can choose from a number of surrounds, gazebos and umbrellas to enhance your hot tub experience and provide the height of luxury wherever you choose your Softub to be. Why not take a look at a luxury surround to give your Softub shade on your yacht or provide an area of private relaxation at your holiday home.

Hot tubs for travellers

Lightweight hot tubs are the ideal solution for those wishing to enjoy the luxury of a hot tub anywhere in the world, whether it’s due to limited outside space or for use abroad. You can browse Anasa’s full range Softubs on their website and get in touch to discuss your requirements by giving the team a call today on 0208 309 0600.

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