Could regular sauna use help winter cold symptoms?

Scientists have recently confirmed the century old belief that some cold & flu symptoms can be relieved through the in taking of hot liquids. But what about heat on the outside of our body? Can a sauna help to cure the common cold?

Saunas are regularly prescribed for multiple illnesses

Having a temperature of 80°C or greater, saunas are commonly recommended for relief with, but not limited to, arthritis, chronic fatigue & asthma. Research shows that saunas may not only speed recovery from colds – but also aid in their prevention.

Researchers suggest why saunas reduce symptoms

Researchers suspect the heat produced from saunas reduces symptoms due to improving body fluid drainage. Others believe that the high temperatures helps to weaken cold and flu viruses, but it is unclear why this might prevent sickness in the first place.

Research show the role saunas can play on cold and flu

Recently, Austrian researchers examined a group of 50 adults, by splitting them into two groups and tracking them for six months. One group was instructed to use saunas regularly; whereas the other group were to abstain. As the study came to an end the sauna group had contracted substantially fewer colds. The scientist’s quoted, “This was found particularly during the last three months of the study period, when the incidence was roughly halved compared to controls”.

Since, other studies have found similar results, but doctors caution that saunas can be hazardous to those with heart or circulatory problems.

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