Factors that may influence your choice of hot tub enclosure

One of the reasons that day spas are so popular is because they offer guests the opportunity to soak in a hot tub. Spa tubs are incredibly therapeutic, helping to relax muscles and minds and providing a wealth of beauty benefits to skin. Investing in a hot tub at home means you have access to these benefits 24/7 – plus, you can create a hot tub enclosure that enhances the way that you use your home spa. If you’re currently choosing an enclosure for your hot tub, these are the factors to bear in mind.


Some hot tubs look great with an enclosure that is a snug fit while others deserve a more spacious setting. It’s important to establish what kind of dimensions you’re looking for from your hot tub enclosure as early as possible so that you can invest in the right design. Do you want your enclosure to cover the entire tub or some of the tub? Are you looking for an enclosure that will provide shade for lounge chairs or a table during the summer months or do you need somewhere to store boots in winter when you’re traversing the snow to get to your spa? All of these factors will influence the dimensions of the hot tub enclosure that you choose.


Why are you looking for a hot tub enclosure? This is a key question to ask when you’re trying to work out what kind of design is the best option for your spa. It may be that you want to create some privacy for your hot tub or the motivation could be purely to provide protection from the elements. You may have a vision that involves making the hot tub a focal point and design feature for the garden with an elaborate enclosure complete with lights and sound.


Hot tub enclosures are available with a wide variety of aesthetics, from the traditional to the cutting edge. Bear in mind the landscapes that you may be looking to frame when considering the aesthetics of a hot tub enclosure, as well as the look of the surrounding area. The type of materials you use for the hot tub enclosure will also have a part to play – dark metal may not be the ideal choice if the rest of the space is very natural, for example.


Some hot tub enclosures provide full coverage, essentially creating a small room around your home spa. The advantages of this include protection from the weather and privacy, as well as convenience. However, you may prefer minimal coverage from your hot tub enclosure so that you can enjoy the outdoor experience. Alternatively, the ideal enclosure design might be a combination of covered and uncovered with flexible options for both, depending on the weather and your mood.

We can help you to create a beautiful backdrop for your home spa and find the ideal hot tub for your lifestyle, whether that’s luxurious or focused on family fun. Contact our specialists to discuss your requirements.

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