What is a Hammam and how can you enjoy the benefits?

The Hammam is not a commonly recognised feature, but essentially it is a type of steam room. The Hammam originates from Morocco, where visiting the Hammam is a regular part of a weekly routine. Many people take time there to relax with friends and socialise for a few hours whilst rejuvenating.

The Hammam experience

Despite its Moroccan roots, the Hammam has become more and more popular in Western culture, and it is very similar to the steam rooms that many people are familiar with. The difference with a traditional Hammam is that users often take part in a cleansing ritual which involves baring all and having your skin exfoliated using black soap whilst enjoying the process. Following this, a cold shower is beneficial to close pores.

What benefits does a Hamman offer?

Just like a steam room, a Hamman can offer a range of benefits like aiding breathing and reducing congestion by opening up the airways. With regular use, sufferers of asthma and sinus problems can find relief in this. It can also aid weight loss since steam can stimulate the body and increase metabolism, whilst also sweating out water can help lose a few pounds.

Frequent Hamman visits improve skin

Steam also detoxifies the body by releasing toxins out through the skin. This will not only soften skin, but increase circulation and help to clear our impurities such as blackheads. Over time, this can also improve acne and lead to much clearer skin, healthier skin.

Relaxation and de-stressing

Health benefits aside, Hammams are also great for general relaxation and de-stressing as they provide a great atmosphere and place to socialise. When used alone they can also help you to breathe slowly and relax after a long day, or just for general enjoyment. Hammams are a great place for a massage too. Having one in your own home means you can use it as often as you like, socially or for health reasons, or simply to relax and rejuvenate.

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