How can your snow room help you to relax and cool down this summer?

Temperatures this summer have been some of the highest consistently seen in recent years. Heatwave after heatwave seems to have hit the UK, creating some beautiful sunny days but also making conditions frequently hot and uncomfortable. A snow room at home provides the perfect contrast to the hot and sticky weather outside and is a great way for your body to regain an equilibrium, relax and cool down.

A more refreshing spa experience

Snow rooms are chilled and dry – almost the opposite of a sauna and very different to a steam room. They are often designed with a rocky, Antarctic aesthetic and create a cooling experience from the moment you step inside. Snow rooms are sealed, which means that they can reach very low temperatures – below zero – no matter where the mercury is outside. On a hot day, a session in a snow room can provide an instant and easy way to revive body and mind.

Snow rooms and summer

No matter how much you love the summer months there are moments when it just gets too much for everyone. Whether you’re fed up of hot cars or finding it difficult to focus on work projects because of the heat, spending some time in a snow room has a lot of positive benefits.

Helping you sleep at night

Summer nights can be hot and uncomfortable and you may spend hours unable to get to sleep. Snow rooms have not only been found to aid good sleep but will also help to bring down your core temperature so that when you climb into bed your body is cooler.

Getting you up in the mornings

If you’ve been sleeping in a hot room, you may wake up feeling groggy and sleep deprived, probably a little dehydrated. A quick session in a snow room will have an instant effect on your system, pulling you out of the stupor of hot sleep and getting you ready to face the day.

Boosting alertness and focus

Many of us struggle with focus during the summer and the warm conditions can make you feel sleepy and unable to concentrate. Snow rooms are very useful if you’re finding it difficult to stay focused, delivering a short, sharp boost of coolness that will instantly refresh and revitalise your body and mind.

Escaping the oppressiveness

Snow rooms are renowned for their health benefits, particularly when it comes to boosting circulation and the immune system. They can also be particularly useful during the summer months if your body is suffering from the heat. Many people find high temperatures oppressive and stressful and this can impact on every area of life. Having a snow room that you can escape to, and cool down in, can help to improve daily quality of life as well as overall immune health.

If you’d like to find out more about the benefits of a snow room, especially during the summer, contact a member of our specialist team today.

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