What positive effects does hydrotherapy have on the body?

For many years, hydrotherapy has been used as a treatment of different conditions including arthritis and other related rheumatic conditions. By completing a range of targeted exercises in the correct environment, the effects of these ailments can be significantly reduced. Our range of bespoke hot tubs makes hydrotherapy a luxurious, convenient and life changing experience.

Elegant and smart design

Our exclusive hot tubs are expertly designed and crafted by leading industry experts and tested in some of the world’s best hydrotherapy centres and wellness spas. Aquatic therapy professionals provide feedback at the base design level to ensure that our hot tubs provide real physiological benefits as well as a luxuriously relaxing and therapeutic experience.

The effects

Research shows that there are many benefits that come from a professionally engineered hot tub. Your body will be postiviely affected by hydrotherapy in many different ways. The warm and massaging effect of the water helps to alleviate leg pain and back pain, amongst many other areas. It can even provide relief from digestive issues, headaches and insomnia. Better yet, these results are achieved by simply setting some time aside in your day or evening, to sink into a warm and inviting hot tub.

The system

Our bespoke hot tubs have been years in the making. Expert Sports Therapists, Chiropractors and Osteopaths continue to help Anasa create the therapeutic zone approach. The seating in our hot tubs has redefined how people relax and have been engineered to obtain the best comfort for each body type. Each jet is adaptable to deliver a bespoke massage movement – set to your own requirements. By having the power to position each jet strategically, you can massage targeted body parts to maximise pain and stress relief.

The great thing about hydrotherapy in an Anasa hot tub is all you have to do is sit back, relax and let the flow of water soothe your aching body and sore muscles. The perfect way to wind down after a long day and hard day.

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