What to consider when choosing your new swimming pool

Private pools were once an unachievable dream that demanded a lot of space and resources to fulfill. Today, that’s no longer the case, as the perfect swimming pool can be designed and fitted to suit the property that you have, whether you would like it to be an indoor or outdoor pool. Innovation in technology and aesthetics produce ever more creative and impressive designs, which allow many more people today to enjoy the luxury of having a pool at home.

Your pool, your way

Whatever the swimming pool that you choose you will have a luxurious asset that will add value to your home – and to your life. Key design decisions and tweaks will help you to find the perfect pool that is perfectly suited to your lifestyle and needs. When you’re choosing your new swimming pool think first about what you want from the pool – aesthetics, experience and activities are the best place to start.


Innovatively designed swimming pools can optimise the room that you have available and if you are a little limited for space then that is easily accommodated. When you’re choosing your pool look first at the designs that are best suited to the space that you have available. From there you can start to make decisions about adapting the pool – or the space – to produce a stunning result.


The positioning of the pool is another key factor to bear in mind, as it will go to its use and enjoyment. Are you keen to have a stylish outdoor pool that provides a luxurious lifestyle addition during the summer months? Or are you looking for a feature that you can use all year round come rain or shine. If the latter, you might want to consider an indoor pool.

In ground or above ground

There are differences in cost and ease of construction, depending on whether you choose an in-ground or above ground pool as an option. An above ground pool may be faster to install and will generally be suited to lower budgets. It could also be easier to maintain, depending on where it is. However, for some the stunning aesthetic of the in-ground pool wins every time and if that’s you then there’s only one option to choose.


The traditional rectangular pool is much loved as a luxurious way to take a dip and an attractive aesthetic addition to a property. However, it’s not the only option when it comes to swimming pool design. If a freeform shape is more appealing then this will be the design for you.


There are many different options for swimming pool style so your ideal pool can be tailored to your aesthetic needs. Use is another key component – will you swim in a lap pool, relax in a hydrotherapy pool or maximise the view from a breathtaking infinity pool – the choice is yours. From a cool and cutting edge stainless steel pool indoors, to the traditional Roman pool, the options are plentiful.

Our expert team is on hand to find the perfect pool for you. From aesthetics, to features we can help you to begin the process of designing and installing your perfect pool today. Speak with one of the Anasa team today and we can help you to choose the best fit for you or discuss your bespoke requirements.

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